Foots Love Broken Toe Wraps

Posted: April 08, 2020
Foots Love Broken Toe Wraps
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Foots Love Broken Toe. I can't help but read that curious name for a broken toe wrap and crooked / hammer toe splint like, "Foots be lovin' them some broken toes. So come on, son, drop that dumbbell on piggies 2 and 3. Miss a step halfway up and land weird and hard. Let's hear that crunch, crunch, baby!"

Of course what Foots Love Broken Toe really is is a first aid bandage made to give your toes some special love if they break, or cause you other forms of discomfort throughout the day. In addition to the injured, the splint makers say anyone from "nurses on their feet 12 hours a day to construction workers whose boots hurt them" are also prime candidates for some Foots Love.

Foots Love Broken Toe Wraps are made with 35% "copper energy fabric," which they say relaxes nerves to speed healing. Probably some hogwash mixed in with that claim. Nonetheless, a pack of the toe wraps comes with a set of 2 sleeves whose slim profile and stretch should make them more comfortable to wear than gel or silicone braces, especially inside shoes.

Another thing Foots Love Broken Toe Wraps make me think of is how I will never, ever be a foot model.

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