Face Mask with Transparent Mouth Panel

Posted: June 03, 2020
Face Mask with Transparent Mouth Panel
$7 - $13
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While I smell what the transparent mouth panel face mask is cookin' - but thankfully cannot smell what's behind it; barf! do face masks reek of bad breath - I do wonder if wearing one will only make a hot and stifling situation even worse? Like, will a vinyl window to my mouth that allows people to better see and understand what I'm saying only reveal that I'm saying, "This thing sucks"?


But Etsy shop DOMDRICH Studio specializes in vinyl clothing, also making fully transparent coats and jackets people seem to dig wearing, and surrounding the face masks' clear panel is easily aerated cotton fabric. So if you decide to wear one of them you should be able to breathe just fine. And that's a lot more than some can say.

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