Face Mask Extender & Ear Saver Straps

Posted: December 27, 2021
Face Mask Extender & Ear Saver Straps
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I bought a set of these Face Mask Extender & Ear Saver Straps at the end of August, and my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, and I have probably worn them for over 24 cumulative hours each since then. I don't use them for day-to-day activities that require COVID face protection - grocery stores, rideshares, restaurants - but anytime I fly, hooking the elastic extender straps to my mask ear loops is a top priority.

First, have you dudes experienced that wack-ass ear pain that comes with wearing an ear loop mask? The nervy soreness, the perpetual ache that hurts to the touch, and makes you just want to rip off the mothermasking cause of it? Honestly, the same thing happens to me if I wear sunglasses too long, and I feel very lucky that I have impeccable, Superman-level 20/20 vision, because I would rather have blurred vision than be doomed to wearing prescription lenses all day.

So these Face Mask Extender & Ear Saver Straps eliminate that ear pain entirely, and perhaps make face masks more comfortable for other parts of your head if you have a particularly large one that stretches the ear loops to their limits. The extenders have small rubber nodules on each end that secure to the loops, and an adjustable elastic band in between that pulls the loops past your ears, and itself lays across the back of your head or neck.

Yes, the effect is similar to that of the over-the-head straps on many N95 face masks, but still more comfortable, in my opinion. Plus, I find the KN95 masks with ear loops much easier to find and cheaper to buy.

This Face Mask Extender & Ear Saver Straps listing sells them in sets of 12 to 20. They are reusable but, admittedly, not super well made, so prepare for a few of them to break, maybe even before their first use.

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