Eyelash Jewelry

Posted: January 05, 2013
Eyelash Jewelry
$7 - $60
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Ma'am, I think you've got something in your eye. Let me just...holy crap! Did you get attacked by an albino peacock? Or did your mom, uh, get frisky with one? What? Ocular embellishments? Eyelash jewelry? Isn't it uncomfortable having beads weighing on your eyelids and feathers hovering in your peripheral vision? Oh, I see. They make you look unique and pretty. Discomfort is OK when it's in the name of beauty. Just not when I ask you to sleep in a tent or do anything besides the elliptical on 0 resistance at the gym.

OK, that's not fair. I don't have anything against eyelash jewelry. What I have something against is my ex-girlfriend. According to Freud, my taking it out on these simultaneously cool and wacked out accessories is called displacement. I'm such a mess. Let's start again.

Natalie Russo crafts all of her eyelash jewelry by hand from high quality glass beads, ultra-fine beading wire, and real birdie feathers. Malleable to the individual's eye line and adhered with standard eyelash glue, the adornments are all reusable and made to last for the long haul. Unlike my last relationship. Dammit! Sorry, it's just...hovering there. Like Russo's enormous neon rainbow falsies, assembled using pheasant feathers and perfect for raves and Burning Man ($30), or her Wispy Snowflakes, 24k gold plated Japanese Delica seed beads threaded onto delicate white woven feathers ($60).

Russo's Etsy shop has over 40 styles of eyelash jewelry for buyers to choose from. The artist primarily works with Japanese Toho brand seed beads, though some designs incorporate 2mm Swarovski crystals and the Delicas mentioned above. They are held in place with 34 gauge jewelry wire, either silver or copper.

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