Elo - At-Home Hot Stone Spa Experience

Posted: October 26, 2020
Elo - At-Home Hot Stone Spa Experience
$279 - $349
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Elo + My Favorite Peelow = Me Lo...aded Up with an At-Home Hot Stone Spa Experience. Me lo...ving the feel of thermotherapy that doesn't cost $150 and hour. Me lo..athing the sound of my alarm buzzing me away from my volcanic Elo Stones and back to work.

Then again, if my transition to work from home means I can spa from home in between calls...and sometimes during them...I'll take it.

The Elo set consists of 7 heavy raw basalt stones, a stone mat, and a multi-talented base. The base heats the stones up to 130 degrees F for solo (or partner) placement on the body when you want to de-stress and relax, relieve muscle tension, or even sleep better.

A true piece of wellness tech, the Elo base also provides ambient light therapy via LED rings around the hot stones' nesting spots. The rings have various light settings, and roll through visual effect programs Elo says "mimic the movement of natural elements and dusk skies from different locations around the world."

Finally, Elo can add aromatherapy to your hot stone spa session with the base's built-in diffuser and included essential oil dropper bottle.

The Elo at-home hot stone spa experience is available at pre-order discounts here on Kickstarter through November 21, 2020, with shipment expected to begin in May 2021. Those who don't want to risk another crowdfunding campaign, or who want to give unlimited hot stone sessions as holiday gifts this year can find some less expensive - albeit less sexy - options like this one available at major online retailers.

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