CoolMen Testicle Cooling Device

Posted: May 26, 2019
CoolMen Testicle Cooling Device

Need a Father's Day gift for a would-be dad? The CoolMen Testicle Cooling Device, despite sounding and looking like no more than an awesome jock strap for chilling your balls, exists in the name of fertility. It's a testicle temperature stabilizer that CoolMen makers say "greatly improves the semen," and turns men previously struggling to conceive a kid into egg-dominating Sperminators.

CoolMen notes the main causes of male infertility are low quality semen and sperm production disorders, which are often associated with elevated testicular temperatures. When this happens - say, as a result of the reverse flow of hot blood from the abdominal cavity, and higher temperatures in the scrotum - cells that form male sperm can die off, and the sperm that survives can be lower quality. CoolMen is intended to help nut sacks chill out so the natural, healthy sperm production process kicks back in.

They say CoolMen is comfortable and discreet to wear under clothing, which tells me if you're giving the nut AC a test run, you'll be wearing it as you go about your daily business. And that's just fine, because while I'm not interested in making a zygote with She-Ra: Princess of Power anytime soon, I am very interested in the opportunity to keep my testicles as cool as Clooney on a yacht in the Adriatic Sea during what is set to be a record-breaking hot and humid Summer 2019.

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