ClearUP - Drug-Free Sinus Pain Relief for Allergies

Posted: April 10, 2020
ClearUP - Drug-Free Sinus Pain Relief for Allergies
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Zap your allergy-related sinus pain like your mosquitos! The ClearUP is a drug-free device that uses an electrical current to stimulate sinus nerve fibers under your cheeks, nose bone, and brown bone, helping to ease allergy-related sinus pressure, pain, and congestion. And don't worry, Flowtron bug killer owners, the ClearUP current is a low one; you'll feel it against your skin, but it won't feel like your friend Cornelius is snapping a rubber band against your face. And unlike the flying pests on your patio, you won't face instant electrocution at its touch - the ClearUP process has been approved as safe for adults 18 and up without a prescription.

The buzz on the ClearUP is that it joins forces with your body's natural electricity, enabling dust-, dander-, and pollen-perpetuated pain relief without popping pills, and with no chance of addiction or chemical side effects. Reviews on the ClearUP's effectiveness in easing and eliminating sinus pain are mixed, with some finding great relief, and others none at all. Like many medicines and treatments, the success of a gadget approach to treating allergies seems to vary according to symptoms, severity of symptoms, and individual body chemistries.

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