Byte At-Home Teeth Straightening System

Posted: February 04, 2021
$1,895 - $2,295
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Take a Byte out of your crooked bite, and high dentist's fees, and long sits in the dentist's chair*, with the Byte at-home teeth straightening system. From teeth impressions to invisible aligners to a funky vibrating mouthpiece to a million-dollar smile, Byte says the two of you can team up to make it all happen without ever leaving your house.

The Byte at-home teeth straightening process begins with at-home teeth impression kits. You'll spend about 15 minutes spreading your cheeks wide (heh-heh, heh-heh) with a smile stretcher and using impression trays filled with molding putty to capture a 3D sculpture of your current mouth configuration. The Byte system is able to address minor to moderate alignment issues - including tooth spacing, crowding, and rotation - so once Byte receives and reviews your impressions with their "nationwide network of licensed orthodontists and dentists," they'll determine if you qualify for it. If you don't, they'll refund the money you spent on the impression kit.

Byte Invisible Aligners

If you do qualify for Byte, you'll get your Byte invisible aligners, either the All-Day Aligners with HyperByte kit, or the At-Night Aligners with HyperByte kit. Both consist of clear plastic retainers custom molded to your teeth - or rather, gradations of the straight and stunning teeth you're aiming for. The aligners shift your teeth gradually during wear, so you'll progress through different sets of them week-by-week to achieve your results.

If you go for the All-Day Aligners, you'll wear them, uh, all day. And night. At least 22 out of every 24 hours. Those eligible for At-Night Aligners can wear their Bytes mostly while they sleep, for a reduced 10 hours per day.

The HyperBite

Both treatment plans are based on the additional use of Byte's HyperBite. This larger, rechargeable mouthpiece uses High Frequency Vibrations (HFV), or micropulses that penetrate to the roots of your teeth to help reduce the discomfort of the straightening process, and help situate your aligners better around your teeth. Byte says the HyperBite makes their invisible aligners tract better, and move teeth more accurately and in less time. Required HyperBite use is 5 minutes a day for All-Day wearers and 10 minutes for At-Night Byters.

Both day and night Byte kits include the HyperBite, and everything else you'll need to complete your teeth straightening quest. And how long will that take? Results vary, but typically fall in the range of 2 to 4 months.

*Though I do like it when they have a TV on the ceiling and I at least get to watch cartoons while they carve up my mouth.

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