Bulletproof Men's Underwear

Posted: April 21, 2019
Bulletproof Men's Underwear
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So what exactly does the Like New qualifier on these bulletproof men's underwear mean? The exact words in Sportsman's Guide's listing are British Military Surplus Blast Shorts With Kevlar, Like New. Are they saying, "Yeah, some dude wore this hyper-reinforced diaper in the field and sweated his nut sack all over it, but the private never took a bullet to his privates during his tenure, so they're just like new!"

Elaboration on this point is not included in the crotch guard's brief, so there's no telling for sure. But if I'm right, I do hope they were able to blast the Blast Shorts with some British-Military-strength cleaner, plus a few shots of Febreze, before releasing them for surplus sale.

What I can tell you about the Blast Shorts are that they are a genuine British military issue, and do secure over your precious C&B diaper-style, with an adjustable waist belt and plastic buckles. Kevlar inserts provide the ballistic protection that any dude wearing bulletproof underwear for a legit reason will surely hope he never gets asked to give a performance report on.

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