Bone Cast Tattoos

Posted: October 03, 2012
Bone Cast Tattoos
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If you're stuck in a cast, may as well milk the sympathies of the world by showing it what the plaster is covering. Casttoo's Bone Tattoos for the cast-ridden come in a range of styles*, from straight subsurface skeletal structure, to double break of the radius and ulna, to an actual submitted X-ray of the injured's broken bones. Like any temporary tattoo, Casttoos arrive on a backing, which the wearer removes before lining up the design's adhesive side where it is to be emblazoned on the cast. Once affixed, 15 seconds of hairdryer heat seals the marriage of image to casing, and gimp you to a cooler version of gimp you.

Bone Casttoos are available in sizes Small ($22) through XL ($42). Casttoo also produces and sells a host of other tattoos covering the popular ink genres of flames, skulls, fantastical creatures, flowers, and tribal symbols. Casttoo hopes their designs generate some positive energy around injuries, and encourage Happy Healing. I hope they get me a couple of phone numbers.

Muchas danke to Shawn U. for the product suggestion.

*Only the Wrist Bones (unbroken) tattoo appears to be available in the Casttoo shop at this time, but I get the sense that special requests sent via the company's Contact Form would not go ignored.

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