Barcode Tattoos

Posted: November 23, 2011
Barcode Tattoos
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Not quite ready to make today's ironic tat trend a lifelong companion? Or even a week-long reminder that corporate America condemns those with conspicuous body art to careers in food service? These peel-off barcode tattoos stick around for a mere 24 hours, allowing everyone the thrill of denouncing capitalist greed and consumption, without the ongoing responsibility of abstaining from capitalist greed and consumption. Packs of 9 feature witty objectifiers, including "human", "slave", "product", and "buy me". Designs use scannable Code 128-style encryption, so you can finally determine how much Target thinks you're worth, and craftily apply for a job at Nordstrom by trying to return yourself. Available in English, Spanish, and French for those who want to let everyone in on the joke, and in German for those who want to make people think they're real.

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