Boblbee Hardshell Spine & Gear Protective Backpacks

Posted: June 27, 2019
Boblbee Hardshell Spine & Gear Protective Backpacks
$295 - $345
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It's the heart of riding season for motorcycle owners, and unless you're touring on a Bicycle Chopper, you'll probably be hauling some gear on your bike along with yourself. Point 65 engineered the Boblbee Hardshell Backpack system to store and protect the items riding with you, plus take extra good care of the spine and back carrying the pack.

As far as accessories that turn you into a human mule go, Boblbee's GTX Hardshell Backpacks are fine looking takes on the concept. They come in 20L and 25L sizes designed in detail to give you all of the storage and features you need, without any extra "fat" that might encumber your ride or slow you down. The pack is made from a single piece of ergonomically moulded soft-foam, covered with an impact-protective ABS shell and CE label-level 2 back protector, and fitted with an aerodynamic dome on the top to help airflow and provide some water protection. Additional specs include:

  • Waist belt attachments made of steel, not plastic.
  • Safety lock - aluminum / nylon.
  • 15" laptop compartment / or hydration.
  • Accessory attachments.
  • Stabilizing hip padding.
  • Ultra ventilated soft foam back panel.
  • Phone pocket, detachable.
  • Reflective 3M - traffic compliant.
  • IATA luggage norms: Can be used as cabin luggage.
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