Bicycle Chopper

Posted: June 11, 2019
Bicycle Chopper
$6,239.20 - $7,199.20
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I know at least one special day you'd win on a Bicycle Chopper from Wood Presents: Ride Yarr! Bike to Work Day.

These bike nods to motorcycles are handmade beauts, built from a wood frame carved in the spiffy style of a two-wheeled lowrider. Shown here is a combination of oak and plywood, though Wood Presents can also use ash, walnut, or other precious woods. The builders note Bicycle Choppers are a bit different from your usual bicycle due to:

  • A longer frame - total bike length is 7.55'.
  • A wide or high steering system.
  • Wide rims and tires, and a wide padded seat for a more comfortable, cruiser ride.
  • An original fork.
  • A vertical landing for reduced fatigue.
  • Bright LED head and tail lights.

Bicycle Choppers also seem to be a bit different from your usual chopper, but Wood Presents doesn't really acknowledge that or get into how, so I guess we're left to figure it out for ourselves.

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