Zungle V2 Viper Bone Conduction Headphone Sunglasses

Posted: October 26, 2018
Zungle V2 Viper Bone Conduction Headphone Sunglasses

Do you hear the rumble in the Zungle? It's the V2 Viper sunglasses' built-in Vibra bone conduction speakers, sending sound from the arms hooked over your ears, through your face bones, and into to your drums o' hearing inside.

The Zungle V2 Viper Sunglasses connect to any Bluetooth 5.0-compatible device up to 30' away to make music to your ears without plugging them up with earbuds or headphones. You can also use your sunglasses to make calls and connect to AI assistants Siri, Google, and Bixby.

The primary benefit of bone conduction over other private listening options is it keeps your ears open to hear other happenings in your surroundings, maintaining your awareness and safety. For this reason Zungle's V2 Viper sunglasses make an especially choice gift for athletes, plus all the people I see wearing headphones in their cars. Haven't they made wearing headphones while running marathons illegal? If it's too unsafe to listen to music and podcasts while running a race, it's got to be way more unsafe to do it while driving.

As sunglasses, the Zungle V2 Vipers meet all your and your eye doctor's requirements - UV 400 polarized lenses, lightweight, 50-gram frames, and IPX4 sweat resistant.

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