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Posted: March 07, 2014
Wood Tie
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Yes ma'am, my necktie is made of solid wood. And it just so happens it's pointing to something else that is made of solid wood, if you know what I mean. So why don't we--wait! Don't flip your hair and walk off in a huff! I was talking about my...shoes. I'm wearing wooden shoes! I am! Because I'm Dutch, from, like...Dutch...land. OK then. I guess that's one pickup line Wood Thumb's wooden tie won't add to my repertoire. At least it's easier to wipe clean when an entire glass of wine is dumped on it though.

Wooden ties are upcycled accessories, chopped, drilled, sanded, and varnished from San Francisco salvage yard redwood beams. They measure approximately 20-1/2" long. Wood Thumb notes the pictured version, a wider tie, is best sported by someone 5'11" or taller. So there goes 80% of their market. Due to having come from real trees, each tie has slight variations in texture and pattern. Just like faces. Except unlike genetics, I think Wood Thumb makes sure none of their ties turn out ugly.

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