Trayvax Ascent Wallet

Posted: November 20, 2017
Trayvax Ascent Wallet
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With minimalism and ruggedness in its DNA, it's only natural that the Trayvax Ascent wallet continues the tradition of tough simplicity Trayvax built with its original stainless steel plate cash and card carrier. For the next generation, the Ascent adds a hand-stitched top-grain leather outer and brass rivets to its sturdy silver backbone.

And I do mean sturdy. The Ascent is not a wallet for the weak-armed. But its 95th percentile empty weight is part of what makes it ready for the long haul - the haul for life. Trayvax backs all of the wallets with a lifetime heirloom warranty. In addition, the Ascent's metal frame renders it RFID-resistant, so at the cost of carrying a few extra ounces, you could be saving yourself many extra dollars and hours of headaches from some buttwad skimming your bank card info.

The Trayvax Ascent holds 4 to 7 cards and up to 5 bills, with an easy access ID window accommodating 2 to 3 cards. The stainless steel place is notched on both sides for a more comfortable trip and, over time, the leather outer will form around your wallet's contents, and "develop a patina unique to your lifestyle" (i.e., your hands' own special cocktail of skin oil, blueberry scones, bacon grease, and Cheetos.)

Trayvax makes the Ascent wallet in 4 different colors: Canyon Red; Mississippi Mud; Stealth Black; and Tobacco Brown.

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