The Weatherman Umbrella for 55MPH Winds

Posted: April 27, 2020
The Weatherman Umbrella for 55MPH Winds
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The Weatherman Umbrella knows not everyone can be Mary Poppins on a rainy day, but when the wind picks up anyone with a crappy umbrella can be...the dude who gets drenched and disheveled because his umbrella blows inside out and then falls apart. That's why every Weatherman Umbrella is sprinkled with the magic of Mary Poppins to make it impenetrable to heavy rains and winds of up to 55MPH.

And it turns out the magic of Mary Poppins is Teflon-coated fabric and specially designed vented canopies. The Weatherman Umbrella itself is also made from industrial-strength fiberglass, so if for some reason it does get away from you, or you throw it on the ground in frustration, it will endure the impact.

The Weatherman Umbrella shown here is a full-size 44" in diameter when open, and extends 35.5" long when closed.

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