The Pillow Tie

Posted: February 18, 2012
The Pillow Tie How To
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Neck-to-pillow contact : Kelly Brook :: Neck-to-tie contact : Rosie O'Donnell. Therefore, neck-to-Pillow-Tie contact = hmmm, Zooey Deschanel? Or maybe topless Anna Paquin. Listen, Pillow Ties are not a substitute for down or memory foam headrests. They have about enough surface area to accommodate an ear and half a cheekbone, and their cushioning capabilities are effectively a product of their wearers' breath. Which most likely reeks of the 64 ounces of last-ditch caffeinated effort said wearers drank prior to abandoning all attempts at productivity in favor of passing out on their Herman Miller office modules, nestled--and drooling--into their inflatable neckties. But, hey, at work, on an airplane, trapped in a closet, the portable and subtle sleep aids are nothing short of godsends.

Pillow Tie outer fabric is a boardroom blend of microfiber and silk, while the removable inflatable insert comprises the same durable PVC plastic used in traditional relaxation devices, such as pool rafts and blow-up dolls. When not aiding in nap action, the tie's Clark Kent alter ego ensures its slumbering powers and plastic inflation valve remain hidden, allowing the neck accessory to enjoy anonymity amongst its fellow symbols of the corporate rat race. Ties come in many pre-selected, as well as player's choice, colors and patterns. They promise not to bleed on your white shirt, or wrinkle easily, and they are proud to be soft, giving, and supportive, even to users with abnormally large heads of up to 25 pounds. While the inflatable piece can be removed from the Pillow Tie, it is not compatible with plebeian ties made by the likes of Armani and Bill Blass.

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