The Dick Belt

Posted: August 06, 2020
The Dick Belt
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The Dick Belt is funny and all, but I'm not sure how many places I'd feel comfortable wearing it. Not because the belt itself looks stifling or like a gut digger, but because, I mean, do I really want to add "cock unfurling" to my list of crotchal concerns while in public? It's already pretty crowded with "fly undone," "stain on pants that could be construed as semen," and "shorts tenting at sight of attractive woman or sandwich."

Infinitely adjustable with a slide buckle, and a formidable 60" long, the Dick Belt is made to fit waist sizes up to 44". That's to allow "at least a 12" cock flop with trimming." So I guess if your waist is wider than 44", but you're secure enough in your manhood that you don't need your Dick Belt to hang quite so low, the Dick Belt optical illusion would work for you too.

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