Tattoo Tights

Posted: April 26, 2018
Tattoo Tights
$18 - $33
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I wonder if women who see these Tattoo Tights feel like I do when I see the Wonderffle Stuffed Waffle Iron. All hot and sweaty and in need of a change of pants.

Then again, I also feel this way when I see these Tattoo Tights. Holy...holy...things that are holy! Forget fishnets and garters, for me, running some faux warrior princess tatts up and down my She-Ra: Princess of Power's legs is about the sexiest move a pair of stockings could make.

The exotic birds aren't bad either.

And the Lolita calf corsets? The coiled thigh snake? Even the ominous kraken and full-length fish bone are hot.

The Tattoo Tights Etsy shop sells dozens of different original designs in both opaque colors and sheer flesh tones for a particularly realistic tattooed look. No joke, ladies. Slip on a pair of nude stockings with a giant black peacock feather along one side and you'll have people asking if it's real all night long. Which could be a very welcome change from their inquiries into the realness of other things you've got.

Tattoo Tights are made of microfiber, and come in full-length footed, thigh-high, and footless legging styles. Dudes, I'd highly recommend a pair if you're looking for a gift for your girlfriend.

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