Speidel Binder Clip Money Clips

Posted: November 27, 2018
Speidel Binder Clip Money Clips
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Speidel has one thing right: I'd much rather use a binder clip to press together a fat wad of cash than a fat wad of papers. Especially if the papers contain documents I must sign and return to my attorney or the IRS. Papers that would typically carry terms to ensure I no longer had a fat wad of cash, and therefore would not need a Bill Binder money clip to press it together.

The Speidel Bill Binder line includes 4 different accented stainless steel money clips with levers that pinch-press open to clamp down on cash and cards, and then fold over themselves to create a flat pack that slips easily into your pocket. Front or back. Features include a 2-point grip design, self-adjusting spring, and high grip tooth pattern. The Binders can hold anywhere from 1 to 75 bills with a tenacity equivalent to spring steel counterparts. A tenacity anyone who's ever been screwing around with a binder clip and ended up binder clipping their finger or forearm skin or bottom lip knows very well.

Bill Binders are all predominantly silver in finish, with accents in your choice of brown leather, brushed stainless, carbon fiber, and black rubber.

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