Snake Guardz Snake Protection Leg Armor

Posted: May 02, 2016
Snake Guardz Snake Protection Leg Armor
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I just read that Snake Guardz help prevent snake bites on hiking trails, camping trips, hunting and fishing excursions, and in the garden. The garden. You can get bit by a snake while gardening. That had not occurred to me before.

I'm never helping my mama spread mulch again.

I'm not even mowing the lawn anymore.

See, as you've probably noticed over the past few years Indiana Jones and I are very similar. One of the many things we have in common is that we both hate snakes. And while we both could probably benefit from a pair of Snake Guardz, I for one would rather just hire some kid who doesn't recognize the associated dangers to garden and mow the lawn. And take my girlfriend hiking and camping for that matter.

If you're willing to weather the weeds and sod on your own, Snake Guardz are a pair of nylon covers wth polycarbonate inserts that wrap around and snap onto your lower legs. There they serve as evil serpent-thwarting armor capable of stopping the penetration of poisonous snake fangs. Like snake boots, Snake Guardz are effective 17" up the leg, but unlike the boots they weigh just 11 ounces each. And obviously enable you to wear your own hiking or other utility boots underneath.

Snake Guardz are tested for puncture resistance to ASTM 1342-05 standards. In plain English: they can stop a 12-gauge shotgun blast at 20 yards. (Even better news if you're worried about snakes and the cowboy down the street trying to make you "dance.") When in place the Guardz cover shoe / boot laces to preclude the possibility of snake fangs getting tangled up in them during a strike as well.

Snake Guards come in a variety of colors and sizes S through 3XL.

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