Sacuba Self-Cleaning Sunglasses

Posted: September 11, 2017
Sacuba Self-Cleaning Sunglasses
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It's Sweat On / Sweat off with Sacuba's self-cleaning sunglasses. The Aussie eyewear company says they've created a world's first with their frames and lenses that require no cloth to clean up when sweat, dust, skin oil, and rain strike. Sacuba's cleaning pads are built into their frames, and the sunglasses lenses are movable, so you can just push them up and down to get rid of vision-blocking substances. You don't even have to remove the sunglasses to do it.

Sacuba's cleaning pads are made of microfiber and cushioned with sponging to protect the lenses and produce a tight squee-gee effect during cleaning. The frames themselves also support cleaning with a flexible TR90 material construction.

Designed with outdoor activities in mind, Sacuba sunglasses have a sporty look, and come with 3 different polarized lenses (black, yellow, and clear), and in several different frame colors. Interchangeable lenses operate with the Pivotlock system, which Sacuba says makes swap-out as quick as cleaning.

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