Retro Cassette Ribbon Necktie

Posted: July 24, 2012
Retro Cassette Ribbon Necktie
  • Retro Cassette Ribbon Necktie
  • Retro Cassette Ribbon Necktie
  • Retro Cassette Ribbon Necktie Fabric Weave
  • Man Wearing Sonic Fabric Necktie
  • Sonic Fabric Bowtie

Conceptual and sound artist Alyce Santoro enmeshes equal parts retro cassette tape ribbons and colored polyester thread to form the genetically superior Sonic Fabric. In both necktie and bowtie form, the dress shirt decor makes for a pretty rockin' addition to any musician's or music-lover's wardrobe. Although at $120 for the dangler and $90 for the dapper Doctor Who, the cassette ribbon ties definitely aren't sonic art intended for the starving breed of artists. Singers, drummers, guitar gods, better make sure you at least have an audition on The Voice or America's Got Talent before springing for one.

In addition to their retro-cool look, Sonic Fabric ties possess a retro-cool sound. When passed over with a tape head, they actually play, emitting garbled noises that seem to be coming from underwater. It's just like listening to Ozzy Osbourne or Bob Dylan.

Sonic Fabric is woven in New England, and ties are hand-sewn in Manhattan by designer Julio Cesar.

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