Recycled Ramen Noodle Pouch

Posted: June 21, 2012
Recycled Ramen Noodle Pouch
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Recycled Ramen noodle soup wrappers transform into zippered pouches for stashing coins, cards, smoking paraphernalia, and...uh, anything else smaller than a Ramen noodle soup wrapper. Packaging is cleaned prior to change in use, though I have to wonder if the pork flavor might still give off tasty wafts of pork, and the shrimp flavor would still trigger my gag reflex. Pouches also receive sheer vinyl covers for durability, plus color-coordinated zippers.

Designer Cherie Francis of Shay Creations handmakes all Ramen purses, and each flavor--from Original to Chicken, and Beef to Chili--has its own listing in her Etsy shop.

For the America junk food fanatics, Francis also creates pouches from the likes of Doritos, Cheetos, Corn Nuts, and Chex Mix wrappers.

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