Recycled Fire Hose Wallets & Cases

Posted: November 29, 2014
Recycled Fire Hose Wallets & Cases
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As a firefighter who regularly depends on the material's ruggedness and durability, Jake Starr has always known that canvas fire hose can stand up to extreme temperatures, water pressures, and beatings. So he figured as the hoses fall out of firefighting form, rather then letting them live out the rest of their days in landfills, he'd retire them to a job slightly less grueling, but just as crucial to human survival: schlepping around our phones and credit cards. Starr hand makes Recycled Firefighter wallets and cases from real, repurposed fire hose.

His online shop contains half a dozen different EDC fire hose creations, including a Field Notes Case, Bifold Wallet, Slim Wallet, Zippered Bag, and Tool Roll. He also offers fire hose coasters. Starr sews all items on his 50-year-old industrial Pfaff 545 looped with size 90 thread--a sewing machine as hardy as the fire hose it transforms. The fire hose itself is all washed and recycled from local fire departments, having completed anywhere from 10 to 20 years of active service. The zippered bag is also lined with ripstop nylon fabric for easy wipe-down.

All recycled fire hose wallets and cases come in a choice of colors, and all have slightly different appearances due to the nature of the material's previous gig.

Recycle fire hose wallets and cases are a top Dude Gift for a Man pick.

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