Polarized XXL Sunglasses for People with Big Heads

Posted: June 27, 2019
Polarized XXL Sunglasses for People with Big Heads
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Got a fat head on the wrong end? Faded Days isn't the only brand that makes polarized XXL sunglasses for people with big heads, but they do seem particularly committed to the process. First they ran a wide-head-sunglasses Kickstarter campaign, and after that was successfully funded and delivered, they began on the XXLs, a pair Faded Days calls "SERIOUSLY WIDE SUNGLASSES for people that have pretty much never been able to find shades that fit their beautiful face!"

The Faded Days XXL Sunglasses are 165mm wide. By comparison, the average pair of sunglasses starts at 120mm, and goes up to 150mm. The frames here are simple, glossy black, with FDA-approved impact-resistant iridescent polarized lenses. Sun protection rating is UV400.

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