Pelican Sport Wallet

Posted: February 01, 2017
Pelican Sport Wallet
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Ladies, the Pelican Sport Wallet makes the perfect gift for the man who climbs rocks, paddles rivers, and bikes backroads. The man you like to get adventurous with. Or the man you like to send off to get adventurous on his own while you get a massage, a new pair of yoga pants, and some alone time.

Like most Pelican issues, the Sport Wallet is made to weather storms and bear loads--literal ones. Your cards, cash, and IDs should stay safe beneath its weather-resistant, crushproof polymer construction during rugged athletic endeavors and, like, getting bumped a lot in the taco truck lunch line on a rainy day.

Inside the Sport Wallet has a pair of mesh pockets 4.79" long x 2.25" wide to holster your stuff.

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