Ombraz Unbreakable, Armless Sunglasses

Posted: March 30, 2018
Ombraz Unbreakable, Armless Sunglasses
$140 - $160
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Though Ombraz sunglasses are pronounced Ohm-bruhs, don't let their inclusion of the sound bruh kill your interest in them. Because Ombraz actually do two very un-douchey things to sunglasses. One, they remove the snappabble, warpable, loseable sidearms or hardware, replacing them with an adjustable cord to hold the Ombraz snug to your face. And two, according to their Seattle-based designers, who probably have a lot of experience sitting on or otherwise crushing their sunglasses due to never needing sunglasses in Seattle, Ombraz are unbreakable.

Ombraz sunglasses cords are a lot like the cords you put on your standard armed sunglasses to keep them around your neck when you take them, or they fall, off your face. Except these custom-woven cords connect directly to the frames. From there they loop around your head, tuck in behind your ears, and stay in place via a nylon bead that shortens or lengthens them. Ombraz will always fit you perfectly and, creators say, will wear lighter and more comfortably than the hard arms of yore.

Ombraz frames are made of cellulose acetate, also chosen for its lightness and durability, and lenses are Calr Zeiss polyamide polarized lenses. The sunglasses also come with a microfiber cloth that stays attached to a 3mm-thick neoprene case so you're less likely to lose it.

In an effort to support the environment, Ombraz ship in compostable padded mailers, and the Ombraz team says for every pair purchased they'll plant 20 trees through their partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, which helps employ local communities in Haiti, Madagascar, Nepal, and Ethiopia to plant and protect their surroundings. If you want to get in on the Ombraz action, head here to IndieGoGo and pledge for a pair of the sunglasses.

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