Never Let Go Parent-Child Mittens

Posted: November 02, 2022
Never Let Go Parent-Child Mittens
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Never gonna give you up / Never gonna let you go / Never gonna let your fingers get cold / Never gonna say goodbye / But I might make you cry / If you try to slip out of my handhold.

These Never Let Go Parent-Child Mittens are very clever and precious, but also perhaps a bit overbearing and co-dependent. I mean, how's Mini You supposed to learn not to run out in the street, or wander away at the farmer's market if he doesn't get bumped by a car and lured into an unmarked white van once or twice in his formative years?

I joke, I joke.

The Never Let Go Mittens, hand-knit to order by Julia Mainwaring, are sweet. In both the Oxford English and slang dictionary definitions of the word. When placing an order for yourself, or as a gift for Mom or Dad, you'll have about a dozen different choices for the big mitten and little mitten yarn colors. Sizing appears to be OS fits all, but I'm sure if you have particularly large or particularly tiny hands, Mainwaring will work with you to ensure you're able to Never Let Go too.

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