Minimis Glass Smart HUD Sunglasses

Posted: September 03, 2023
Minimis Glass Smart HUD Sunglasses

Minimis says when Minimis says to ditch your phone, they mean it. And they're not even trying to be your down-with-technology-self-care, disconnect-for-mental-health woo-woo guru about it. They just made the Minimus Glass, a pair of smart HUD sunglasses they believe will serve you way better than your phone when you're outdoors and on the move.

Designed especially for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Minimis Glass combines UV-protective shades with a head-up display system that projects performance data, maps & navigation, and phone / watch / bike computer data right onto their polarized transition lenses.

Minimis' built-in performance tracker provides a real-time feed of your time, speed, distance, heart rate, and power that you can view directly on the lens interior, without taking your eyes off what's ahead of you. The sunglasses also have WiFi, Bluetooth, and ANT+ capabilities, so if you prefer to cast your own tracker app data to the HUD instead, just switch off the Minimis Glass version.

Likewise, Minimis Glass has integrated maps and GPS navigation, which its makers say is "the world's first fully standalone HUD navigation system," but if you prefer Google Maps, just Bluetooth-connect your device to the sunglasses, and use what you're comfortable with instead.

Minimis Glass also includes SIM support and music streaming on a custom Android OS platform in its HUD suite of services, so you'll be able to see incoming calls and texts, and who sings the 1983 smash hit "Flashdance" when it comes on to rock your world as you peak your first 14er.

The sunglasses themselves are anti-fog, water-resistant, and non-slip, with polarized transition lenses that lighten and darken with the time of day. The frames also support prescription inserts. Minimis Glass is rechargeable, with a 7-hour battery life at continuous display, and comes with a wireless charging case for use on-the-go.

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