Meal Socks Box

Posted: October 09, 2020
Meal Socks Box
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Why do my burger & fries taste like cardboard? Actually, it's more like...poly-cotton yarn. Better wash it away with my beer - ugh! My beer tastes like sweaty feet! What is this, Heineken?

Nope, this beer, along with the hamburger and french fries, is part of the Meal Socks Box, a 5-pack of socks printed and packaged to look like lunch. I would have called it Sock Lunch.

But the Meal Socks Box comes from Rainbow Socks, a family-run company that designs and produces their line of fun and whimsical socks out of their facility in Central Europe. So the missed wordplay makes sense. So does including a can of beer in what is essentially a sock Happy Meal.

The burger, fries, and beer socks included in the Meal Socks Box set are also each sold separately. The burger box contains 2 pairs of socks - the bun and vegetables are 1 pair, the meat and cheese another - as does the fry box. Rolled up inside the beer can is a single pair of sudsy socks.

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