Master Carver Meerschaum Pipes

Posted: March 31, 2019
Master Carver Meerschaum Pipes
$75 - $625
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I'm not sure I'd want to put anything in these Master Carver Meerschaum Pipes and smoke it - they're just so intricate and byoo-tee-ful. And expensive. What if tobacco, or the stanky green stuff, ruined it?

Check it out, though: meerschaum is a kind of rare, hard white clay whose porous structure serves as a natural filter. It absorbs nicotine, and helps keep smoke cool and soft. Over time, this absorption also changes the pipes' colors to various shades of gold and dark brown. Which you'd think would be one more reason not to waste one on smoking if you bought it, but in fact, the sellers at Meerschaum Market say the pipes' color evolution makes them more valuable. The longer one is smoked, the more aesthetic changes it experiences, and the more dear it becomes.

These pipes are all shaped by master carvers from Eskisehir Meerschaum. They don't require pre-smoking for performance and, unlike briar pipes, don't need drying after each smoke. All Meerschaum Market pipes come in a custom case, handmade along with the mouthpiece after the pipe to ensure a perfect fit.

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