Magbelt - Perfect Fit Magnetic Belt

Posted: July 13, 2015
$24 - $38
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Let it hang, tuck it in, buy a bigger one after the all-you-can-eat pig parts cook-off, or just get the MagBelt. Magzook Tightening Systems has created what they call the perfect belt for everyone: a magnetic belt with no holes, no overhang, no loosening, and a full range of precisely calibrated adjustments for every wearer and every wear.

Made of military-grade nylon webbing and interchangeable aluminum buckles, the MagBelt's trademark feature is as simple as it is significant: a set of built-in magnets, one fixed on the end of the belt, and the other free-flowing in the center. Feed the end through the buckle, snap the fixed magnet onto the center magnet, and tighten to your desired position. Achieve a precise fit without battling holes or screwing around with a flapping strap. See for yourself in this GIF .

The MagBelt is available for pre-order to Kickstarter backers through July 19, 2015. Choose from a variety of strap and buckle colors.

Muchas danke to Peter H. for the Dude Product Tip.

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