Lucyd Loud Audio Sunglasses

Posted: August 13, 2020
Lucyd Loud Audio Sunglasses
$59.99 - $99.99
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Just as Bluetooth connectivity has brought us hands-free talking, it, along with gadgety eyewear like the Lucyd Loud Audio Sunglasses and Bose Frames, has kinda brought us ear-free listening. Lucyd Loud is fitted with bone conduction drivers and Bluetooth 5.0 tech to create an open ear speaker system that allows you to connect to various devices to listen to music, take calls, and talk to Siri without completely disconnecting from your environment.

For athletes, such as NFL player and Lucyd ambassador Richard Sherman, the audio sunglasses also enable outdoor training sessions and other active pursuits without concern that sweat buildup will slime an earbud loose and lost forever. Or at least turn a trail run into a trail hide-and-seek on hands and knees.

Lucyd Loud Glasses come in XL - shown above - Slim, and Youth. Loud XL typically fits most men 16+, and has the most coverage for sun protection outdoors, but the frames are too big for most prescription lenses. If you want to pop those into your Lucyds for indoor, all-day wear, go for the sunglasses' Loud Slim model. Slim is also better suited to women and men with narrow heads.

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