Limited Edition The Mandalorian The Child 6-Pin Set

Posted: September 25, 2020
Limited Edition The Mandalorian The Child 6-Pin Set
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The Baby Yodas in Amazon's limited edition The Mandalorian The Child 6-Pin Set have something poking out besides their ears. No! You dirty minds! Metal skewers soldered to each of their backs, so you can flair up your Jansport backpacks and jean jackets...or whatever the cool kids flair up these days...with the Star Wars universe's most adorable creature ever.

Sorry, porgs.

The Child Pin Set is part of a 10,000-unit run, which Amazon further pushes as a coveted Star Wars gift and collectible by individually numbering each box.

The 6 Baby Yoda poses included show the little nugget napping the pod, eating a frog, sipping on soup, pushing buttons he's not supposed to, and using The Force.

Muchas danke to Geeks Are Sexy.

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