KFC Chicken Corsage

Posted: April 13, 2014
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A corsage with a big fat KFC fried chicken leg nestled in the center. That might be the one thing I'd consent to reliving high school for. Can you imagine how good promfuls of girls flailing chicken wrists on the dance floor are going to smell? And now that they start dressy slutty around the age of 14, all the hormonally raging 17- and 18-year-old boys ogling skintight mini cleavage dresses and snorting wafts of KFC may not even need to get laid to make Senior Prom 2014 the best night of their lives.

The Secret Recipe in corsage form is available in a very limited edition of 100. While a hunk of fried chicken is not shipped with the package, each kit does include a $5 KFC gift certificate so the best dates on the planet can select their ladies' preferred chicken choices to surround in baby's breath. Extra Crispy, Kentucky Grilled, or dare to gang-and-mount a half dozen Fiery Buffalo Hot Wings?

Note: I'm pretty sure if you can't score an official KFC Chicken Corsage, the industrious young bucks amongst you will be able to jerry-rig a a thigh or breast onto the model you do end up with.

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