KATANA Personal Safety Smartphone Wallet

Posted: October 25, 2020
KATANA Personal Safety Wallet
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See that notch on the KATANA personal safety smartphone wallet? And the tab the lady is pulling on to draw something out of the back of the cardholder? Guess what it is. Nope. Not a katana. Not a sword at all. It's a siren! A loud one one that shrieks when you flick the wallet's red tab, or wear and pull on a wristband that also attaches to the KATANA's audible alert.

Not just stuck to, but connected to your phone, the KATANA wallet is also able to bypass your lock screen and send a notification to KATANA Safety's 24/7 response center when you activate the siren. You can also trigger the unlock and alert by pressing and holding the 2 buttons on the side of the wallet for 3 to 5 seconds.

A subscription is required for the KATANA response service, though it's unclear how much that costs. If emergency services are dispatched, they will then send your GPS coordinates and further information to a personal network you've created of up to 7 friends and family members.

But back to the sword. Because I bet KATANA Safety could make a smartphone wall with a real katana sword sheathed inside it though. With a little DIY handiwork, you could probably make one too. I can even take care of the hardest part for you: here are some mini katana swords.

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