Julbo Vermont Classic Mountain Sunglasses

Posted: February 17, 2023
Julbo Vermont Classic Mountain Sunglasses
$159.95 - $219.95
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Be a retro Vermont mountain dude (or lady)...and up your steampunk cosplay game...with a pair of Julbo Vermont Classic Mountain Sunglasses. With their round lenses and leather side shields, Julbo calls the shades "timeless classics, and symbolic of our history with the mountains." I call them "Master Barnaby Brogley, at your service."

Traditionally, sunglasses like the Vermont Classics had a functional aesthetic. The side shields were common additions to mountaineering and glacier eyewear, intended to protect the eyes, and probably provide a bit of insulation in cold temperatures. Today they're obviously more of a fashion statement, though Julbo has crafted the contemporary Vermont Classic Sunglasses to wear comfortably, protect your eyes from the sun, and stand up to rugged conditions just as well as their Victorian-era predecessors.

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