I Wash My Hands of The Virus COVID-19 Buttons

Posted: March 17, 2020
I Wash My Hands of The Virus Awareness Buttons
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I guess these I Wash My Hands of The Virus buttons are the equivalents of I Voted buttons for people who practice responsible COVID-19 prevention practices. Or maybe they'll appeal to the growing frustration with the pandemic, the agitation brewing over required or self-imposed coronavirus quarantines. I wash my hands of the virus! You hear me, novel C? I'm done with you! Be gone and leave behind no trace, less a new appreciation amongst humankind for dining out and going to the gym, and these snazzy buttons I can use to flair up my backpack.

I Wash My Hands of The Virus buttons measure 2-1/4" in diameter, and come in packs of 6, 50, or 100.

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