Glowing Sunglasses

Posted: May 24, 2013
Glowing Sunglasses
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In addition to offering a bunch of sick shades, sunglasses maker Kevin of Neon Nightlife also offers some suggestions on how best to use his eye-catching glowing designs. These include:

  • Attracting and luring in members of the opposite sex. "It's the perfect ice breaker for singles," he says, noting that when he himself wears a pair of the glasses out, at least 50 people approach him for inspection and conversation. This is terrific news for me, as whenever I go out the people who approach me usually just ask if I could move because I'm blocking the bathroom door.
  • Attracting the attention of bartenders. The glowing shades, operated by a battery pack and button controllers, have 4 modes: off, constant on, slow flicker, and fast flicker. Their maestro suggests using the fast flicker setting to communicate when you are in need of a refill at the bar. Note: I'm a little wary of whether this tactic will prove to be effective, or just get me thrown out of the establishment for being an irritating douchebag. I'll let you know.
  • When worn outside, attracting to your person every mosquito, gnat, and winged creature in the neighborhood. Yeah, I'm adding this one myself. And I'm not knocking the glow-in-the-dark radness of the glasses in any way by doing so, just giving a word of warning based on my extensive experience with the midwest and bug zappers. Because I guarantee you if you wear these things out front to have a smoke, 4 to 6 hours later you'll be inflamed with hundreds of welts and ready to claw the skin off your neck and chest .

Glowing sunglasses come in replica models Wayfarer, Spy Flynn, and Shutter Shades. Check out Neon Nightlife's listings for further information about the glowing apparatuses and their qualitative superiority to other similar types currently available.

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