Gaming Glasses for Eye Fatigue

Posted: December 18, 2013
Computer Glasses for Eye Fatigue
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It's the graphics for a travel brochure. It's Q4 performance spreadsheets and their accompanying presentation slides. It's a thesis on the association between country music and suicide. Fine. It's really just Call of Duty. But regardless of what you're looking at on a computer screen, if you're looking at it for hours, it's taking a toll on your eyeballs. Eyestrain and mental fatigue from continuous and extended screen time aren't just real problems, they're real problems big enough to have acronyms to describe them, and glasses to fix them.

Digital eyewear for gamers and long-term computer users claims to increase visual performance, prevent Digital Eye Fatigue (DEF), and protect against Computer Visions Syndrome (CVS). Gunnar, one manufacturer of a pretty vast line of gaming glasses, uses i-AMP lens technology (proprietary lens materials, tints, coatings, geometry) to supply what they call "an immediate and profound visual advantage" to marathon screen starers.

Most spectacles created to combat eye fatigue are non-prescription, and intended for use by those who don't need glasses under normal conditions, or who wear contacts. Their i-AMP technology often includes a soothing amber lens tint (though clear lenses are available for graphics professionals who can't risk compromising their view of the visible spectrum), anti-glare coatings, and an ultra-pure lens material for sharper, clearer vision. Most eyestrain-thwarting glasses flex and bend ergonomically as well to fit a wide range of faces. As with all specks, frame styles run the gamut from simple and understated to Hipster of the Century.

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