Friendship Test Pin Set

Posted: June 21, 2020
Friendship Test Pin Set
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Why do I have to take a friendship test? Cornelius is my bro, he knows I'd do anything for him. Come over and jump his car at 6 a.m. Wingman him at an interpretive dance performance and reception the barista he's horndoggin' it for is helping cater. Wear a silly pin on my backpack...uh...wait. What's that a pin of? Some sort of bulbous cactus or...oh.

It's hairy testicles. A pair of a pair of hairy testicles handmade to be worn by you and your bromance better half to prove the bond between you is stronger than steel. Stronger than balls of steel. Stronger than the humiliation of walking around wearing balls of steel.

Oh nuts, it's the ultimate Friendship Test.

The ultimate gag gift too.

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