Foodie Bow Ties

Posted: April 14, 2018
Foodie Bowties
$50.90 - $108.17
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Bow ties made to look like food! I wouldn't call myself a foodie, but food is my favorite thing in the whole world (tied with my fiancee and my mama) and seeing a bowtie pasta bowtie - a piece of pasta bow tie-ified! - on this otherwise crap gray and rainy Saturday morning has made my weekend.

It's also made me hungry from some farfalle.

And, mmmm, summer-sweet corn on the cob. A fat, mustard-doused hot dog at a baseball game. And sour psychedelic candy ribbons. Maybe with a side of Icky Stick.

Rommy de Bommy makes these bommy mashups of food and fashion from foam, so even though clipping that gnawed-at corn on the cob looks like it would give you a neck injury, the bow tie is really lightweight and comfortable to wear. All of the bow ties have alligator clips on the back of them, so if you prefer securing them to another part of your body or head, or wearing multiple bowties and turning yourself into a walking concession stand, go for it.

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