EnChroma Color Blindness Glasses

Posted: August 18, 2015
$339.95 - $439.95
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As as dude named Ethan demonstrates in the above video, seeing colors for the first time ever is an experience a lot like seeing them for the first time ever while on hallucinogenic drugs. Stirring. Awe-inspiring. Life-changing. Even I felt Ethan's joy stone cold sober and cranky from waking up to an empty box of Froot Loops at around the 1:50 mark. Videos of other color blind people trying on a pair of EnChroma glasses show similar--if slightly less giddy--results.

EnChroma Cx lenses look like your standard pair of tinted sunglasses, but see like a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. That is, rather than subdue brightness their color vision science and optical technology transform the visible spectrum for those otherwise not able to view it unimpaired. EnChroma glasses give about 80% of the color blind the ability to see colors they previously could not discern. They can discriminate between hues faster and more accurately, and are able to "pull" objects that used to blend in out of their backgrounds (e.g., flowers amidst leaves).

EnChroma Cx lenses also help wearers differentiate textures and grades of a single color, such as the pattern of various shades of green on a leaf, or turquoise and royal versus just blue. The whole world bursts with heightened purity and intensity. According to the company, "Experiences like a rainbow or a sunset, seen for the first time with EnChroma, are magically transformed beyond any rational description." Again, like the rest of us on mushrooms.

Or the rest of us wearing a pair of EnChromas too. While created for those with reduced color vision, the glasses also enhance optics for people who see colors normally. Colors are boosted, richer and super-vibrant.

The lenses use chromatic contrast enhancement to help all people who wear a pair of EnChroma Cx glasses. They filter light using one or more sharp "cutouts" in the visible spectrum. For those with red-green color blindness this notch filtering occurs predominantly in the spectral region with maximal overlap between red and green photopigments. It drives a wedge between L-cone and M-cone signals, improving their separation and delivering better, more distinct visuals to those wearing the glasses. You can read more about EnChroma color blindness research and tech here.

EnChroma Cx glasses come in about 10 different styles, from everyday to sports to fit-over for those who already wear glasses. The company can also custom make lenses only to fit your current frames.

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