EEZ-Y Inverted Umbrella

Posted: September 10, 2018
EEZ-Y Inverted Umbrella
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With their Inverted Umbrella EEZ-Y has managed to make the first umbrella turned inside out I don't want to throw on the ground and stomp on because it's turned inside out. And in fact, when this double-sided rain shield's canopy is open, its layers are strong and windproof. The Inverted part doesn't happen until you want to put the umbrella down and head inside, at which point a reverse closing system kicks in and flips it over before retracting the telescoping handle instead of lowering it. The benefit: no dripping wet umbrella rubbing all over your clothes when you get in / out of the car, and no water puddles on the floor.

The EEZ-Y Inverted Umbrella also has a C-shaped handle that enables carrying it on your forearm or wrist to keep both hands free for walking and texting without looking where you're going.

Inverted Umbrellas come in a range of single- and two-tone colors, as well as options with patterns on the canopy interior.

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