Don't Panic Keychain Towel

Posted: April 25, 2018
Don't Panic Keychain Towel
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I was stoked when I found these Don't Panic thigh-high stockings for my fiancee to wear on our wedding day, but it's nothing compared to the joy I feel now having found SN Pro Tips' Don't Panic Keychain Towel for myself. And for you, if you like.

The iconic "Don't panic" phrase from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy isn't just solid advice for intergalactic travelers, it's a calming mantra we all should adopt into our daily lives. Especially when our daily lives include: waking up; running out of coffee; commuting; interviewing; working at a job; F'ing up at a job; putting a down payment on a house; saving for retirement; meeting the parents; living with children; living with any other people; interacting in any way with other people; and launching a Falcon Heavy rocket. And getting married. Definitely getting married.

Tim Woodruff of SN Pro Tips created the Don't Panic Keychain Towel - duh! - so you'll never be stranded without a towel. Because, Woodruff says, regardless of how hoopy a frood you are, "it's difficult to keep a full-sized towel on your person at all times."

If ye Douglas Adams fans order a Don't Panic Keychain Towel now, in your choice of materials and single- or double-sided embroidery, it will arrive in time for Towel Day, May 25. (And for me, Don't Panic Day, May 26.)

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