CVS Receipt Scarf

Posted: January 14, 2020
CVS Receipt Scarf
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Thanks for shopping at CVS! Here's your 6'-long receipt for the pack of condoms you bought for you 6"-long penis. Yep, our receipts are long and strong, here to make you feel inadequate and environmentally unfriendly whether you buy 1 item or 17.

In a standout display of fashion and satire, Receipt Scarves prints winter warm and kitten soft fleece with a $1.67 proof of purchase from CVS. Which, as the joke and unfortunate reality go, results in a receipt whose paper and ink costs are probably about the same. In addition to your purchase description, payment type, and change information. the CVS Receipt Scarf also spits out store location information, your loyalty card number, return rules and requirements, and - everyone's favorite - about 8 different coupons. Each with 10 lines of fine print for redemption requirements. Each primed to be thrown in the trash by everyone except your Aunt Jan, who will take that $3 discount on Gillette Fusion disposable razors, even though her circa 1992 Epilady is the only shaving apparatus she will ever use.

The CVS Receipt Scarf measures 59" long x 8" wide.

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