Burt Brolos Bolo-Style Eyewear Retainers

Posted: June 07, 2022
Burt Brolos Bolo-Style Eyewear Retainers
$25 - $35
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Think of Brolos as eyewear retainers meet bolo ties. Or, more poetically, if you're Brolo creators Colin and Keenan Burt, lost glasses meet Uncle Carl. The brothers ("Bro") developed their glasses straps with pendant accents in part to solve the problem of perpetually losing their eye and sunglasses, and in part to honor their late uncle, who loved him some bolo ties ("los").

Burt Brolos eyewear retainers wear a lot like reverse bolos, with the accent stone or figure either pressed against your head to secure glasses in place, or dangling down your neck loose, or chilling on your upper back when you take your glasses off. The Brolos brothers point out you can also flip it around, and wear your glasses on the back of your neck, and the Brolo charm on the front, but knowing myself, that would most likely result in sweaty/greasy and/or crushed lenses and frames.

Burt Brolos come with a variety of charms, including spirit animals, birthstones, and protection pendants. All birthstones are OOAK. For the strap portion, choose from a silver Brolo with black cords and silver tips, a gold Brolo with brown cords and gold tips, or put in a request for a custom combination.

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