Beer Mug Socks

Posted: October 15, 2019
Beer Mug Socks
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These Beer Mug Socks are actually more like Beer Mug Leg Warmers, but yarn maestro Vicky Djokic probably figured referring to her most excellent hand-knit frothy pints o' brew as "leg warmer" would deter men from clicking on the listing, and maybe even women from buying them as gifts for men.

The more unisex-sounding "socks" makes it easier to reel people in, and then once they see these crocheted pieces of beer mug magnificence, the fact they're cut off at the ankle is a nonissue. Better, even, than if they were full socks, because that chunky knit would probably feel way too snug stuffed into a pair of boots or sneaks.

Beer Mug Leg Warmers, yeah, I'll take a pair of Beer Mug Leg Warmers. I mean, what better way to warm my legs than with a cold one?

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